New Album

Produced by Jimmy Bonesso (2019) 

” We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars ” 
(Oscar Wilde)


Music composed by Jimmy Bonesso 
Recorded, mixed and mastered at 
Dada Studio (Bruxelles, BE) by Peter Soldan 
Design by Antoine Walraevens 
Astro-photography by Geoffrey Loicq 

Piano / Accordion : Jimmy Bonesso 
Guitar : Emmanuel Baily 
Trumpet : Antoine Dawans 
Percussions : Max Charue 
Clarinet : Nicolas Grisay 
Violin I : Camille Bughin 
Violin II : Avine Coulonval 
Viola : Xavier Timmermans 
Cello : Alexandre Bughin 
Double Bass : Ruben Lamon

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